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What to do for a long-lasting leather jacket?

You can enjoy using your leather clothing product for a much longer time without losing its form by paying attention to some usage and maintenance conditions. First of all, leather clothing products are valuable products that you should be sensitive to in use. In this regard, the product is not every day of the week, but max. Use 3 or 4 days. When not in use, always store it on a shoulder-supported hanger, preferably in a ventilated place. Definitely keep away from things like radiators, electric heaters etc. that give off heat. Do not use in extreme rain and extreme cold. Never wash in the washing machine. Avoid contact with chemical liquids such as alcohol, wet wipes, etc. When you go on a trip, fold your leather product once, with the leather inside and the lining out, and then fold it upright once more. In this way, you can prevent both damage and further wrinkling. If you want to use your leather product without deteriorating its form, you must follow these rules.

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